Ecozone Moonlight Low Energy Nightlight

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The Ecozone Moonlight is the perfect product for economically and safely adding gentle illumination to any indoor area.

The Moonlight uses a high tech light panel that is cool to the touch and so there are no bulbs to blow, break or replace. It produces a pool of green light that is comfortable on the eyes, not too bright, but illuminates a wide area in the depths of night - ideal for childrens bedrooms, stairwells, hallways etc.

  • Restful diffused green light
  • Less than 0.5p per day to run (if used continuously)
  • Significant energy savings - quickly pays for itself
  • Slim elegant design
  • Cool touch - not heat producing bulbs
  • Ideal wherever a soft light is required: At night, in childrens bedrooms, hallways, stairwellsetc.
  • No bulbs to change or break

If switched on for 24 hoursa day, 365 days a year, the Moonlight uses just 4.38 kWH of electricity - a massive saving when compared witha standard 7W night light bulb which uses around 61 kWH.

The Moonlight is very slim and has a modern unobtrusive design that can be used throughout the house.Beingso light and compact, it is ideal to take with you when travelling, where its gentle glow makes unfamiliar hotel rooms safer to move around in at night.

What's more, if the Moonlight fails within 3 years it will be replaced free of charge (subject to conditions).

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