energy EGG 2 and 6 Way Power Strip - The Power Pack Kit

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The Power Pack is part of the 2nd generation energyEGG range. As well automatically switching off appliances when you leave the room, the energyEGG can now switch them back on again when you return. It can also control lighting via our new smart light switch (available separately).

Stylish and easy to set up, the energyEGG will give you smart control of appliances and stop wasted electricity. Using patented motion sensor technology, it can detect when you enter a room, remain in it or leave.  After the energyEGG detects your movement it acts like a remote control, wirelessly switching ON/OFF lights and appliances according to your preferences.


  • Saves money and energy – saves 30% on the running costs of connected appliances and lights
  • Safety – no more ‘Did I leave the iron on?’ moments
  • Easy to use – one button to wirelessly switch off lights and appliances around the room.

Wirelessly pair your energyEGG and power strip with one click of the energyEGG button. Plug in your devices (Tv, games console, DVD player, electric heater etc) to the power strip. 2 outlets are always on – ideal for your Sky box or broadband router, and the other 4 outlets are energyEGG controlled. You’ll never have to worry about appliances and lights being left on again and the process of switching ON/OFF will be simpler and quicker than ever.  


  • Patented SitStill™ technology - the energyEGG can tell the difference between an empty room and someone sitting still
  • Energy Egg timer - Switches off appliances and lights when the room is empty for a set period (5 - 30 minutes) – set the timer on the energyEGG to suit you
  • Auto-on - Can automatically switch appliances and lights on when you enter the room
  • Always on - 2 permanently-on sockets: ideal for set-top boxes and broadband routers
  • Remote control – switch off appliances and lights with a click of a button; ideal for switching off difficult to reach sockets
  • Switches off stand-by – completely switches off appliances: increasing efficiency and reducing waste
  • 20m range – wirelessly control connected lamps and appliances
  • Simple set-up – set up in under a minute

Includes: 1 x energyEGG (Mk2) + 1 Power Strip + 9v Battery + Instruction manual

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