Wind Up Torches

We stock a wide range of wind-up & solar powered LED torches. LED's are more efficient and brighter than traditional bulbs and the more LED's that a torch has, the brighter it will shine.

Among the additional features offered by some models are: an AC charger to speed charging; Emergency phone charger function - to top-up your mobile. For full details please read the product description.

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Compact 3 LED Squeeze Torch
This compact, easy to power torch is perfect for emergency situations and lighting your way on da..
Ex VAT: £4.16
Duratool 1 LED Shaker Torch
The shaker torch is ideal for anyone who cannot use a winding mechanism. Simply shaking the torch..
Ex VAT: £4.00
Freeplay Kito Wind Up Torch
The Freeplay Kito wind-up torch provides simple, rugged, reliable light - anytime, anywhere. The ..
Ex VAT: £11.66
Freeplay Mini Sherpa Compact Wind-up LED Torch
Small in size but big on performance, Mini Sherpa is ideal for emergencies. This compac..
Ex VAT: £14.99
Freeplay Sherpa LED Wind-up Torch
The use of failsafe LED technology in the Freeplay Sherpa LED offers extended shine times and ult..
Ex VAT: £19.16
iTorch Compact Eco 3 LED wind-up torch
As seen on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch! The iTorch is an eco-friendly, compact 3 LED wind-up to..
Ex VAT: £4.99
Penguin Childrens Dynamo LED Torch
The Penguin is a 'squeeze mechanism' dynamo LED torch - simple to use, novelty shaped and fun, id..
Ex VAT: £5.41
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PowerPlus Barracuda Waterproof Dynamo/Solar Torch
The Powerplus Barracuda is a waterproof, 3 LED torch that can be recharged either by it's wi..
Ex VAT: £12.76
PowerPlus Bat Wind-up head torch
The PowerPlus Bat is a compact, lightweight wind-up head torch. The Bat is about the siz..
Ex VAT: £8.50
PowerPlus Firefly 16 LED Multi-purpose Wind-up Light
The PowerPlus Firefly is a unique multi-function light. With 16 LEDs not only does it provide a gene..
Ex VAT: £17.02
PowerPlus Minnow Solar Powered LED Keyring Torch
The PowerPlus Minnow is a handy solar powered LED torch. Attached to your keyring, the unit will aut..
Ex VAT: £5.10
PowerPlus Nighthawk High Power LED Wind Up Torch
The POWERplus Nighthawk is a powerful 2 mode wind-up LED torch/flashlight and emergency mobile ph..
Ex VAT: £17.02
PowerPlus Puma Compact High Power LED torch
POWERplus Puma Ultra Bright Wind-up LED torch / flashlight. The POWERPlus Puma gives you a bright po..
Ex VAT: £10.21
PowerPlus Shark Submersible High Power Wind Up LED Torch
POWERplus Shark Eco-friendly Waterproof Rechargeable LED DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT/CHARGER Enj..
Ex VAT: £25.53
PowerPlus Stingray Solar Powered 2 LED Torch
POWERplus Stingray Mini Solar LED FLASHLIGHT Enjoy the freedom of mobile light wherever you go. The..
Ex VAT: £5.10
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